Bethany Hamilton

Bethany Hamilton (speaker and interviewee) is a professional surfer from Hawaii whose best-selling autobiography was the subject of the theatrical film, “Soul Surfer.”  She is known for surviving a shark attack in which she lost her left arm, for overcoming the injury and ultimately becoming an internationally recognized Hall-of-Fame surfer. Her newest film project, “Unstoppable,” is a documentary which gives insight into her journey beyond Soul Surfer; it’s release is accompanied by a photo book and a children’s book. Now a motivational speaker, wife, mother of two young boys and healthy lifestyle advocate, Bethany is passionate about helping young women be unstoppable in life and faith. Her new website and app for sharing content and facilitating connection will launch this Fall. Desiring to encourage young women to overcome, Bethany’s non-profit org., Friends of Bethany, reaches out to amputees and youth through events, care packages and social media, offering hope through Jesus Christ.