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Anchored in Love is a young women’s conference for junior high, high school and college-age girls and their moms and mentors. This event is co-hosted by Wonderfully Made and Friends of Bethany Hamilton. It’s an inspiring one-day event designed to help you discover your true beauty, purpose and worth. Appropriate for ages 12 and up.

Featuring appearances by Bethany Hamilton and friends, and inspiring messages by Sarah Hill and others, this conference will inspire you to overcome obstacles in your life and be the unique young woman you’ve been created to be.

Anchored in Love is presented by Wonderfully Made and Friends of Bethany Hamilton.

Wonderfully Made is a voice of love to today’s generation of young women. As a non-profit organization, through our conferences, films, podcast and resources we exist to share the truth about your value and worth. To spread the simple, life-changing message that you are not an accident —that have been lovingly and wonderfully made by God for a beautiful purpose.

Friends of Bethany Hamilton Foundation (FOBH) is a non-profit organization dedicated to sharing the hope and love of Jesus Christ by supporting and inspiring people through the life stories of Bethany Hamilton and others.